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All Rounder


Introducing All Rounder, the multi-purpose maintenance spray that tackles a variety of tasks around your home, workshop, or garage!
  • Lubricates Moving Parts: Say goodbye to squeaky hinges, jammed locks, and stiff tools. All Rounder loosens stuck parts and reduces friction, keeping things running smoothly.
  • Protects Against Rust and Corrosion: Protect your valuable metal tools and equipment from rust and corrosion with All Rounder's protective shield.
  • Removes Stubborn Adhesives, Corrosion, and Paint: Tackle unwanted adhesives, paint drips, or even corrosion with ease. All Rounder cuts through these tough jobs effectively.
  • Cleans and Restores Surfaces: Restore the shine to your metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces. All Rounder cleans and leaves behind a gleaming finish.

All Rounder is a breeze to use:

  1. Shake the can well.
  2. Spray evenly on the desired area.
  3. Allow the solution to work its magic.

All Rounder's versatility and effectiveness make it a fantastic choice for DIYers and homeowners alike. It's a budget-friendly solution for keeping your belongings functioning smoothly and looking their best.

Get All Rounder today and experience the convenience of a multi-purpose maintenance spray!

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Multi-purpose maintenance spray

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