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Tired of rats chewing on wires in your car or at home? bitteR offers a safe and effective solution. This spray uses the world's bitterest substance – Denatonium Benzoate to deter rats from chewing, without harming them.


  • Automotive care


Short Names

  • Why Rats chew on things: Rat’s incisors/teeth keep growing continuously. To prevent death due to blockage of mouth by incisors the rats need to keep chewing on things to trim them. 
  • Rat mayhem on wires: Hence rats tend to chew on wires regularly which causes a huge dent on our pockets because of the damage done to the vehicle or appliances. 
  • Why bitteR: bitteR contains the world’s bitterest substance. The solution when applied on any surface provides a protection from rats. So, basically when a rat tries to chew on any surface coated with bitteR, it gets a bitteR shock in its mouth. As a result of the bitter experience the rat runs away from that area.
  • Non-toxic and humane: bitteR doesn't kill rats, it simply discourages them.
  • Camphor fragrance: It contains camphor fragrance which deters rat.
  • Safe for everyone: Use it around humans and pets without worry.
  • Indoor & outdoor protection: Protect your home and belongings from chewers.
  • Long-lasting defence: Enjoy 60 days of protection with a single application.
  • STEP 1 - Wear hand gloves & mask
  • STEP 2 - Shake the can well
  • STEP 3 - Spray on surface from 10 cm
  • STEP 4 – Let it dry and apply a double coat

Protect your Car and Appliances from Rat attacks!

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Protection of wires from rat bites - Home and automotive care

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