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Bitter Shot


Bitter Shot offers a safe and effective personal safety solution designed specifically for unexpected situations. Its unique formula utilizes the world's bitterest substance to deter attackers without causing permanent harm.


  • Personal Safety


Short Names

  1. Hold the can upright with the nozzle facing the attacker.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose to avoid self-contact.
  3. Press the trigger firmly to discharge the entire contents.
  • Intense Discomfort: Bitter Shot creates an unpleasant taste and irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, momentarily incapacitating an attacker. This discomfort provides you with precious time to escape or seek help.
  • Non-Lethal Defense: Unlike pepper spray, Bitter Shot doesn't cause lasting injury. It's ideal for situations where you need to subdue an attacker without causing permanent harm.
  • Safe for Bystanders: The formula's targeted effect minimizes the risk of affecting people nearby, making it suitable for crowded areas.
  • Accidental Discharge: Even in case of accidental release, Bitter Shot won't cause any harm.

Bitter Shot isn't limited to human threats. It can also be used by:

  • Security Guards: As a safe and effective way to control unruly situations.
  • Dog Deterrent: Discourage aggressive or stray dogs.

Bitter Shot comes in a sleek, pink-colored, pocket-sized container that easily fits in your purse or bag for discreet carrying.

Empower yourself with Bitter Shot – Live freely, travel freely!

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Personal Safety from physical threats, dog attacks

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