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Tru Nature


Tru Nature offers a complete line of sustainable home care products that protect your family and home from pests using 100% natural active ingredients.

Tru Nature prioritizes safety and effectiveness. All products undergo rigorous research, lab studies, and follow WHO protocol testing methods to ensure they meet the highest global standards. Hence, Tru Nature products rival chemical options in effectiveness while being at core natural.

  • Liquid Vapouriser: This machine provides continuous indoor protection against mosquitoes and other pests. Simply insert the refill and plug it in for long-lasting defence.
  • Aerosols: Ideal for instant relief from flying mosquitoes indoors, offering 8 hours of protection. Tru Nature also offers aerosols for mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, ants, and lizards providing quick repellency.
  • Body Roll-on & Body Spray: Tru Nature's portable body repellents offer convenient protection against mosquitoes while you're outdoors. The pocket-sized spray is a first-of-its-kind solution for on-the-go defense.

Safe Ingredients: 

  • Plant-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Ministry of Ayush Approved
Safe for Usage: 
  • Dermatologically tested (safe for skin application)
  • Paediatrician certified (safe for use around children)
  • Free from harmful chemicals (sulphates, silicon, paraben, gluten)
Care for the Planet: 
  • Certified Plastic Neutral (recycles plastic used in packaging)
  • Approved by National Biodiversity Authority (responsible sourcing of natural resources)
  • Cruelty-free (no animal testing)

Tru Nature provides a complete and safe solution for protecting your home and family from a variety of pests, all while prioritizing the environment and your well-being.

The products are registered across the globe, and we accept queries for any new orders or distributor partnerships. Reach out to us on uplcares@upl-ltd.com

Protection from pests, both indoor and outdoors. Home and personal care products

Liquid Vapouriser - PET bottle

Body roll-on - PET bottle

Body spray - PP bottle

Aerosols - Aluminium can